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Welcome to Direct Push Analytical Corp.
A Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. Since inception, we have completed over 5,150 projects in 27 states.

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Water available onstie? yes no

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Total number of borings on this site:

Number of borings(1) at feet
Number of borings(2) at feet

Additional Borings:

Surface conditions (asphalt, grass, concrete:

Drums Required for purge water and/or soil cuttings? Quantity: yes no
Are there extensive soil sample volume requirements necessary at each boring location (possibly requiring two borings at same location or larger macro core sample)?   yes no

Is soil sampling below the zone of saturation required?

  yes no

Any special circumstances we should be aware of or anything additional you would like us to know (limited access, sample water, etc.):

Permanent or Temporary Monitoring Well Installations? yes no

Permanent Wells (finished with sand pack, bentonite seal, and well cover)
3/4 inch traditional PVC 1/2 inch prepack
1 inch traditional PVC 3/4 inch prepack
2 inch traditional PVC 1 inch prepack
Flush Mount Well Covers 1.5 inch prepack
Stick Up Mount Well Covers    

Temporary Monitoring Wells Section
Sand Pack Required
Bentonite Filter Seal Required
PVC Materials Only

PPE Requirements?
Level C - for the entire job Level D
Level C - have it available in the event it is necessary

Additional Requirements
2 Wheel Drive Probe
4 Wheel Drive Probe
Track Mounted Probe
Hand Cart (indoor/limited clearance)
Peristaltic Pump
Public Utility Locate (required for work in Illinois)
Private Utility Locate
Hand Auger to clear boring location
Air Knife (Vacuum Excavation to clear boring locations)
Concrete Coring Machine
Steam Cleaner / Pressure Washer
Grout Pump (for setting wells)
Injection Pump (for injecting liquids)
Development Pump
Concrete Cutsaw (for setting permanent wells in concrete/asphalt)
Photoionization Detector (PID)
Flame Ionization Detector (FID)

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Mobile Laboratory Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) Services
Geoprobe Hand Cart Prepack Monitoring Wells
Track Mounted Geoprobe AirKnife (vacuum excavation services)

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Direct Push Analytical provides Geoprobe services in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio,
Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin, West Virginia
and to the Midwest and Beyond.

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