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Welcome to Direct Push Analytical Corp.
A Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. Since inception, we have completed over 5,150 projects in 27 states.

Geoprobe Services By Direct Push Analytical Corp. in IL
Dual Tube Vs. Macrocore Analysis by Direct Push Analytical Corp.

Truck Mounted Geoprobe UnitCurrently, Direct Push Analytical has multiple Geoprobe® model units available for use on your projects.

  • (3) Geoprobe® 5400 Series units mounted in 4-wheel drive trucks
  • (2) Geoprobe® 54DT Track mounted probe
  • (1) Geoprobe® 4200 Series Hand Cart Mounted geoprobe, with external hydraulic pump
  • (1) Geoprobe® 66DT track mounted geoprobe with auger capabilities
  • Geoprobe® 6620DT & 7822DT track mounted geoprobes with auger capabilities, available as needed
  • The Geoprobe® mounted on a hand cart (i.e. dolly) can access entranceways which are regular man-door width.

    *All the Geoprobe® units can install 3/4 or 1 inch diameter wells through the tooling. Additionally, 66 Series (and higher) Series track units are capable of turning 4.25-inch ID augers, as well as use direct push technology for setting up to two-inch diameter wells.

Mobile Geoprobe for SamplingDirect push technology is more cost effective than using conventional drill rigs when completing soil borings or installing wells. Sampling speed is faster for direct push tools and another widely accepted advantage of the direct push technology is the fact that fewer wastes are generated for disposal. Test borings and/or wells by direct push technology can produce accurate ground water sample results, adequately define the water table interface, and be used for the measurement of other physical parameters such as slug tests or pump tests. Studies show that direct push technology provides a highly efficient method for the measurement of the physical parameters used in site investigation and remediation. The subsurface and subsequent samples are less disturbed and therefore more representative of the in-situ conditions when using direct push technology versus conventional hollow stem auguring or rotary drilling. Studies suggest more representative concentrations are detected in direct push borings, either due to less disturbance of the subsurface or less mixing/dilution of the ground water through more discrete sampling intervals.

Recovering the desired samples or information minimally disrupts the site. A small hole (1.25 to 3.5" diameter) is drilled through concrete or blacktop surfaces, and is easily patched. Field cleaning of sampling equipment is minimized by the use of expendable drive points, vapor sample tubing, and soil sample liners. Soil samplers are easily field cleaned with minimal decontamination waste generated. Direct push technology greatly reduces or eliminates soil cuttings where only desired discrete samples can be obtained.

Geoprobe Sampling RigsThe DPA system is extremely versatile and well suited for environmental test borings in cramped spaces and where overhead lines may be a problem. Currently, DPA operates two Geoprobe® Model 5400 probes mounted in Ford F-250 four-wheel drive trucks, a Geoprobe® Model 6600DT Series probe mounted on tracks (48-inches to 60-inches wide with auguring capabilities), and a Geoprobe® “hand cart” unit mounted on a 32.5-inch axle for work inside buildings such as dry cleaners.

Another significant distinction between Direct Push Analytical and “the other guys” is that we use the most current Geoprobe® technology available in sample tooling. For instance, dual tube soil sampling capabilities come with every probe we operate. The dual tube system allows for continuous, discrete soil sampling to depth. Dual tube soil sampling eliminates slough, casing the hole off as you proceed, ensuring the sample we provide is from the exact depth at which we say. Dual tube tooling is also particularly useful in that it allows for the installation of temporary or permanent PVC well material for collection of groundwater samples after the soil samples have been collected.  The dual tube system prevents natural formation collapse that you would have if using the macro-core system for soil sampling.  A groundwater sample can easily be obtained from the temporary PVC with poly tubing equipped with a check valve and/or peristaltic pump. It provides the sample integrity one would achieve sampling through hollow stem augers, however, sample collection is achieved much quicker. We can provide literature, which describes dual tube sampling (2.25-inch diameter used with the 5400 Models and 3.25-inch diameter available with the 66DT Model) in greater detail, or you can visit Direct Push Analytical Corp. operates only Geoprobe® tooling and equipment because we believe that Geoprobe® is the industry leader.

Geoprobe Core Sampling BitsDirect Push Analytical’s other core competency is offering Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) services. The MIP system is very beneficial on projects with limited data and where contamination delineation is time-dependent. The primary benefit of the MIP system is the ability to perform in-situ analysis for organic compounds minimizing the time required to collect samples for analysis. By using the MIP technology, it allows the consultant to achieve more data in a shorter period of time.

Sampling Geoprobe for Environmental InvestigationsOther substantial conveniences include the ability to provide real time, on-site or in-situ analyses. Real time data addresses unexpected findings, which often occur with subsurface investigations and allows for immediate, same day adjustments in the environmental program. Repeat site visits for drilling or remediation excavation or design can be eliminated or minimized by utilizing our mobile laboratory or the MIP technology. For Mobile Laboratory and/or MIP Technology information, please direct yourself to each respective section in the menu window.

Direct Push Analytical provides Geoprobe services in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio,
Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin, West Virginia
and to the Midwest and Beyond.

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