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A Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. Since inception, we have completed over 5,150 projects in 27 states.

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Mobile Lab Stations Full Equipped with the Latest in Sample Reading TechnologyOne of the most practical services available to environmental projects with time constraints or a high number of samples to be analyzed is Mobile-laboratory service.  On-site gas chromatography analyses for volatile and semi-volatile organic analytes is available through Direct Push Analytical's mobile laboratory associates with NELAC accreditation, the "gold standard" in laboratory certification.

On-Site Analytical Services
  EPA Method 8260 (VOCs, VPH, and GRO)
  EPA Method 8270 (PNAs, BNAs, EPH, and DRO)
  EPA Method 8082 (PCBs)
  EPA Method 8081 (Pesticides)
  EPA Method 8095 (Explosives)
  EPA Method 7473 (Mercury)
  EPA Method 6020/6010 (Metals)

Mobile-laboratory service provides projects with the service and quality of a fixed-base laboratory, but without the associated time delays. Direct Push Analytical and its mobile-laboratory associates can provide “real-time” analysis of air, water, soil, and hazardous waste samples. Within just a few hours of arriving on-site, chemists can be producing screening data in support of site investigations or fully defensible data packages suitable for site closure, dependent on client needs.

Because chemists are on-site when you are, they are there to discuss the analytical results, provide technical assistance, and supply the information needed to make the critical decisions that can mean the difference between the success and failure of a project.

Direct Push Analytical and its associates rely on the industry-proven line of Hewlett Packard and Tekmar analytical instrumentation to support Mobile-laboratory projects. Experience has shown that using industry proven equipment in Mobile-laboratory environments pays off through decreased instrument down time and increased client satisfaction. Each GC, HPLC, or GC/MS system is equipped with a fully integrated data system. Only instruments and equipment capable of meeting or exceeding the Data Quality Objectives of the project are used to support clients.

Mobile Lab Trailer for On Site Reading for a more Cost Effective ProjectWhenever feasible, Mobile-laboratory instrumentation is also equipped with automated sample introduction systems. Over the years, we have found that automation combined with an experienced staff are two essential elements necessary for project success and client peace of mind. Automation allows the chemists to provide a high level of sample throughput while on-site and adds the additional capability of unattended operation during off-hours thereby reducing the overall cost per sample for the project.

In addition to adding sample capacity, automation minimizes analyst variation and provides a greater degree of consistency to data produced in the Mobile-laboratory. Split and Quality Control samples sent to fixed-base laboratories for confirmational analysis typically show a better than 90% agreement with data produced in the Mobile-laboratory.

Each mobile laboratory job is tailored specifically for the needs of the project and the client. Direct Push and its associates provide site-specific analytical techniques consistent with current SW- 846 methodologies for each project. Whether the analysis is TPH (GRO/DRO) by Method 8015M, VOCs by 8260b, PCBs by 8082, SVOCs by 8270c, explosives by 8095 etc., or combinations of procedures, Direct Push Analytical's team has the ability and knowledge to service your needs. Furthermore, with sufficient advanced notice, site-specific analytical procedures for target compounds in addition to the standard, more typical analytical procedures can be generated.

Another core competency of Direct Push Anaytical and its associates is performing membrane interface probe (MIP) and onsite analytical services. These services are very beneficial on projects with limited data and projects where delineation is time dependent. The mobile lab has been used the greatest extent during excavation activities to assess the limit of excavation, as well as guide consultants during soil sampling and groundwater sampling efforts. The MIP system has been used primarily to limit the number of samples required, and allow the consultant to achieve more data in less time.

Should you have a job which looks like a good candidate for mobile lab (i.e., a large volume of samples or fast turnaround required) call us with a list of the contaminants of concern and detection limits you need to achieve, and we can discuss the viability of the project.

For technical information, a quote, or to discuss project feasibility, please contact Bryan Kinzer at (630)-377-7766 or email Our goal is to provide the highest quality data and service in the business.  


Direct Push Analytical provides Geoprobe services in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio,
Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin, West Virginia
and to the Midwest and Beyond.

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