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Geoprobe drill rigs have become industry standard go-to method for efficient collection of soil, vapor, and groundwater samples. Efficiency and accuracy are important, which is why we offer several Geoprobe machines to choose from. You can trust in the fact that DPA sends out knowledgeable, experienced operators to give you further peace of mind. Each of our rigs is stocked with Dual Tube tooling, which is our preference vs. macrocore, because it provides a more accurate discrete sample. The dual tube system allows for continuous, discrete soil sampling to depth. Dual tube soil sampling eliminates slough, casing the hole off as you proceed, ensuring the sample we provide is from the exact depth at which we say. Considering we have both a Chicago and Cincinnati area office, it really gives us more flexibility in scheduling and a more broad area of coverage versus our competitors – Think of DPA as a one stop shop.


*All the Geoprobe® units can install 3/4 or 1 inch diameter wells through the tooling. Additionally, 66 Series (and higher) Series track units are capable of turning 4.25-inch ID augers, as well as use direct push technology for setting up to two-inch diameter wells.

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Dual tube tooling is also particularly useful in that it allows for the installation of temporary or permanent PVC well material for collection of groundwater samples after the soil samples have been collected. The dual tube system prevents natural formation collapse that you would have if using the macro-core system for soil sampling. A groundwater sample can easily be obtained from the PVC with poly tubing equipped with a check valve and/or peristaltic pump. Dual Tube provides the sample integrity one would achieve sampling through hollow stem augers, however, sample collection is achieved much quicker. We can provide literature, which describes dual tube sampling (2.25-inch diameter used with the 5400 Models and 3.25-inch diameter available with the 66DT Model) in greater detail, or you can visit www.geoprobe.com. Direct Push Analytical Corp. operates only Geoprobe® tooling and equipment because we believe that Geoprobe® is the industry leader.