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High Resolution Site Characterization

What is High Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC)?

HRSC is a site characterization strategy that provides a more complete view and understanding of subsurface contaminants than can be achieved with traditional soil and groundwater sampling methods. It is often done in a single mobilization and allows for real-time adjustments in the field to optimize/expedite the site characterization.

Depending on the site, a combination of profiling tools can be used on the Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) to provide the applicable subsurface information. MIP technology is a good technology, but it cannot provide concentrations of individual VOC compounds in real-time. It’s only capable of detecting Volatile Organic Constituents (VOCs) in the soil down to concentrations of roughly 200-500 ppb, depending on the compound and the detector used for the analysis. The results obtained from the MIP system are only semi-quantitative as each chemical has a different transfer rate across the MIP membrane and each compound reacts differently in different sub-surface mediums.

Comprehensive Membrane Interface Probe Technology (C-MIP) is a newer technology which makes it possible to provide Quantitative data on individual Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) down to (1) part per billion (ppb) sensitivity. It is a comprehensive HRSC Technology that could push your project from Investigation Phase into Remediation Design Phase in no time and with a great deal of confidence, because the results have been shown to be within 94% to 100% of that of fix-based labs. In-Situ Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis has arrived!

Imagine having high-resolution, spatially defined lithologic, hydrogeologic, and chemical data available to you after just one mobilization. It provides your project managers with a Triad-approach to investigate and delineate plumes / mixed plumes in a timely manner. Call us today to learn more about C-MIP and how it can help you.
For a more detailed description of the various HRSC technologies, please refer to the list on the right or contact us.

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