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Welcome to Direct Push Analytical Corp.
A Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. Since inception, we have completed over 5,150 projects in 27 states.


Direct Push Analytical is a veteran owned small business entity providing environmental analysis and Geoprobe® services to consultants and industries throughout the contiguous 48 states.

Standard mobile laboratory services can range from expedited analytical screens for specific target compounds to full SW-846 analyses for virtually any environmentally significant organic or inorganic constituent. Typical analyses that are routinely performed in the field include: PCBs, Pesticides, PNAs, Herbicides, Explosives, Organophosphates, Volatile compounds, Semi-volatile compounds, Hydrocarbons, Metals, and non-routine target compound analyses. Limited screening data or full data packets, including copies of the data for all samples analyzed, Analytical can provide the information needed for projects.

The Direct Push Analytical staff has made a commitment to provide the highest level of quality and service available to our clients in order to meet the data quality objectives and time lines for each individual project. Our goal is to ensure that each project is completed in a timely manner consistent with our clients’ expectations.

Direct Push Analytical’s staff of professional assciates have a combined experience level of over 100 years of environmental experience.  This experience encompasses hydrogeological investigations, fixed based and mobile laboratory operations, quality control, regulatory compliance, and emergency response planning and execution. Each person involved with Direct Push Analytical understands the time constraints and costs involved with environmental projects. In many instances, projects bring contractors together from a number of different disciplines to complete a complex task under constrained time lines and difficult conditions. Every project is different and Direct Push Analytical personnel have the ability to adapt quickly and work independently with a minimal amount of external support.

Direct Push Analytical was conceived and built around a commitment to provide high quality data and service to our clients. Each of the members of the staff has worked on a variety of sites ranging from short one and two day projects to projects that extend for several months in duration. The staff of Direct Push Analytical also has an excellent understanding of the costs associated with both large and small environmental projects. Large remediation projects can easily have hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment and dozens of personnel on site for extended periods. The longer that the equipment and personnel are on site, the more expensive the project becomes. We understand that successful projects completed in a timely and professional manner equates to a satisfied client and the potential for further projects with that client.

Direct Push Analytical provides Geoprobe services in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio,
Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin, West Virginia
and to the Midwest and Beyond.

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